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INSCYD Webinar – Performance Assessment in Running: GPS-based metabolic testing

Learn how you can access the key physiological metrics for your athletes by utilising a simple GPS running watch or even just split times on the running track. ➡️ Join us, the team at INSCYD, on Sept 2 as we take a look at GPS based metabolic testing, the protocol and the data.⁠

The physiological capacities of an athlete – such as aerobic capacity, lactate production and clearance, running economy, fat combustion and carbohydrate utilisation – determine the running performance of an athlete. The goal of an efficient training program to improve these capacities.⁠

However, in the real world of coaching, assessing those metrics in an athlete precisely and monitoring their progress within the process of training can be challenging – at best. Join our webinar on September 2 & learn how INSCYD can help!⁠

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Getting back in

All has been on the quiet front here and it’s probably a good time to kick start things again.

Being able to ride my bike has been absolutely brilliant. Another is going back to rekindle an old flame with my first love, rowing. I haven’t got around to getting back in a boat, but the erg has definitely sparked something. They say looking back isn’t particular helpful in moving forward. I do however believe in never forgetting your roots and to always have the people who have stood by you, close to your heart.

I’m excited to pilot Row Revolution‘s technique workshop class, where I will be sharing with you the little experience I have gained throughout the years with all my amazing rowing team mates and coaches, and hopefully help you to row better on the ergo.


Row Revolution, Singapore first and only indoor rowing studio is a great platform to experience and give indoor rowing a go. With 12 Concept 2 rowing ergs, it is also an excellent venue for crossfitters to get in a solid rowing workout with your squad.

Their class timetable is available here. The technique workshop will kick off on 8 May, 2019, at 7pm.

I will also be taking the regular workout classes pretty soon! Ping me if you want to find out more!


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finding myself

I’ve been lazy with the updates.

In regional news, the 2015 Asian Track and Road Cycling Championships was on a few weeks ago in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, aka Korat. Great hit out, especially those gunning for a slot at this year’s SEA Games. If you haven’t heard, only the Road team will be out in full force. Bummer for the trackies, mountain bikers and bmxers.

I finished 17th in the Keirin and didn’t qualify for the sprints. Full results here. Needless to say, the competition ended for rather early for me. It gave me plenty of time to evaluate how I should progress. Preparation leading up was pretty solid. Squeezed in as much track time as I could get with the help of CCC Shuzenji and Track Cycling WA, but it dawned on me that I haven’t picked up enough of the technical skill needed to handle the sprint events. All the strength and power work I’ve been doing just isn’t going into the bike quick enough to stay in the race. You always question the decision you’ve made when I doesn’t turn out right the first time. Should I have dabbled in endurance right from the get go? Maybe. But I don’t regret it one bit.




Focus on the process and you are sure to take something positive along the way. Well, at least it worked for me. I believe the people I’ve met who has helped me with my cycling, the tracks I’ve been fortunate enough to train on, was because of the decision to have a go at the sprints. The lessons learned along the way helps you find yourself. In my case, I’m better suited for endurance.

So I’ve started the long road back to 4 hours on the saddle and high intensity intervals. I almost forgot what torture and suffering felt like, but it didn’t take me long to get reacquainted. Looking back, with the measly amount of Ks I have in my legs, I could still put my head down and keep up in the 100-lappers in the Speed Dome. My first dabble back into bunch riding last week showed plenty of promise. Not quite like the speeds in a points/scratch race, but I wasted no time putting the hurt down. So you’ll probably see me on the road alot more now. Don’t forget to say Hi


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