Huge thanks to all the amazing sponsors for their wonderful support:


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    PaddlezUp – your gateway to all paddling

Wai Mun is supported by Track Cycling WA, aboc Cycle Coaching, Continental Cycling Center Shuzenji

In June 2012, I started a small scale fund raiser to help kick start my track cycling career.

The overwhelming support and response helped kick start my competitive track cycling pathway.

If you wish to show your support, “Dare To Dream” t-shirts are available at S$30. Two colors to choose from, black or grey. You can either get them at The Runner’s Gait if you are in Singapore, or you can contact me directly. Your support will go a long way.


Similar to when he started rowing, I’m certainly no stranger to the steep learning curve and have made progress in leaps and bounds, given the limited time and opportunity to have a go on a track. My pursuit for sporting excellence is driven entirely by perseverance and determination. Thank you for all your support and kind words and choosing to be part of this wonderful journey. I am truly humbled.



SoS  aaTRG


If you have ideas and would like to discuss the opportunities to come on board and join me on this journey, or just simply have a chat over coffee, feel free to drop an email to contact@waimunyeong.com or through the contact page and I will be in touch.