INSCYD Webinar – Performance Assessment in Running: GPS-based metabolic testing

Learn how you can access the key physiological metrics for your athletes by utilising a simple GPS running watch or even just split times on the running track. ➡️ Join us, the team at INSCYD, on Sept 2 as we take a look at GPS based metabolic testing, the protocol and the data.⁠

The physiological capacities of an athlete – such as aerobic capacity, lactate production and clearance, running economy, fat combustion and carbohydrate utilisation – determine the running performance of an athlete. The goal of an efficient training program to improve these capacities.⁠

However, in the real world of coaching, assessing those metrics in an athlete precisely and monitoring their progress within the process of training can be challenging – at best. Join our webinar on September 2 & learn how INSCYD can help!⁠

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