Do we need to start talking?

Bi-annually, for a few months, usually during the second half of the year, news on local sports starts show up just a little more. What better way to kick things off with some controversial, split down the line drama about SEA Games selections.

SEA Games are the Southeast Asia Games. Held every 2 years, involving the ASEAN countries. Based on personal and conversational experiences, it would seem that a majority of sports association considers it as the most important event in their high performance calendar.

A rather highly talked about topic at the moment, based on a Google search is the exclusion of our 2017 and 2015 champion in the Mens marathon, Soh Rui Yong, from the contingent.

There has been quite a few developments since it came up. Here is what the situation is now, as reported.

Reporting can be biased, depending on who reports it. Soh writes about as it happens on his blog

He uploads the lawyers’ letters so you’re better off reading that and coming up with your own opinions if you have the time.

The underlining matter, if the people in sport are still bothered to address, in my humble opinion, is that athletes and administrators don’t talk openly and honestly. Quite like when you and your boss don’t communicate, things go sour really quickly. A main difference is, a vast majority of athletes in the national system don’t get fat pay cheques. Neither are they your average joes waiting for the clock to go from 9 to 5. You need to somehow have or be able to truly relate to passion when dealing with individuals who lay your lives on the line.

There is the snoc athletes’ commission, which has been fairly quiet all this time. I leave you to read about what their purpose and vision is supposed to be. What hasn’t been reported is how much involvement, if any, have they had in helping to improve the relationship between Soh and nsa.

This is probably one of the most publicised dispute between athlete and governing bodies in the recent history of singapore sport (i might be wrong). Along with it, hundreds more that have been swept underneath the rug.

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