Let’s show some love

It’s the world road cycling championships. It’s the time where pros swap their work colors for country colors in bid for honour and glory.

There is sometimes a mixed reception to world championships. Not just in cycling, more often in professional sports.

A non-professional sport is when the world governing body does not have a professional league/circuit of any sort. Rowing is an example. There isn’t the equivalent of the WTA, NFL, PGA, NBA, UCI WorldTour etc.

This insta post came up that is absolutely heart wrenching and almost brought me to tears.


This should be what it means to wear your country’s flag on your shoulder. This should be how much you really cared.

I don’t talk much about the journey I embarked on 12 years ago. It brought back some memories. The feeling of complete helplessness, is absolutely heart breaking. I know what it’s like. I can remember every minute of it, all 3 different occasions.

It’s hard to find such passion these days. Certainly not in this generation of athletes I have come across. As sad as I am to watch it, it’s encouraging to know it still exist.

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