Road Nationals

Sometimes you think you’ve ticked most of the boxes, but still, fall miles away from the drop zone.

There was certainly more preparation done this year than last. The course is different but I didn’t take much of it. Probably one important box I should have ticked. I had a slight hunch I was in trouble at lap 3 but didn’t instinctively take action to get out of it. I couldn’t do anything to help our main man get onto the top step.

It was still time well spent with the boys. From good banter to the serious topics on and off the bike, we learn something about ourselves by hanging around people we trust.

We’ll keep trying. There will always be that amatuer, self-proclaim pro rider out there who will tell you that you won’t make it. There’s a difference between professional bicycle racing and amateur bicycle racing. It’s not rocket science why the even the amateur bicycle racing community continues to have an extremely elitist image. None of us are after a pro contract.

Great job to all who pinned a number on. Keep at it and enjoy the process.

Big thanks to the team from Recovery Systems for the awesome snaps.

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