Hello Melbourne, it’s been a while


3 years to be exact. It was the exact time in 2011: winter and the Tour de France had just started. It brings back fond memories, especially after surprising my ex-flat mate, at his awesome cafe Let Me Be Frank. Oh yes, you haven’t quite got rid of me yet. It was probably one of the best times I’ve had rowing and it certainly was a positive turning point for me.

This time I’m hoping to make that positive change on the bike. I’ve been fortunate enough to be taken in by Carl (http://www.aboc.com.au) one of the very few independent track sprint coaches in the country and I’m extremely thankful to not only be given this opportunity, but be able to take up the opportunity as well.


I only have a month, but we have already started working on a couple of the fundamental aspects. A few tweeks on the bike and after a week, I’m already feeling some significant positive changes. I’m also just in time for Round 4 of their Winter Track Series this weekend. As always, looking forward to racing and putting myself to the test.


Big shoutout to the people at Rudy Project Singapore, for believing in me and providing support for the past 7 years. The Rudy Project Swim Bike Run expo will be happening on 26 – 27 July at Ngee Ann City civic plaza! Heaps of prizes and hampers to be won! Be sure to drop by!


Of course big thanks as well to Maxinutrition Asia, TRG, Solitude of Strength, MSTI, G8 Performance, The Sufferfest, for their amazing support!

Ride safe!

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