Bitter sweet reality check

Spending time with a fully dedicated sprint coach was probably one of the best training decisions I could have made. Should I have done it earlier in my transition? Maybe. Would I’ve then been able to take in as much? Maybe, maybe not. One thing’s for sure, the feeling of putting the trust in someone who knows your abilities and is helping you get the best outcome you could possibly get, is just what I need. Gear choice, training efforts, race strategy. It’s about having the confidence that I’m in good hands, on the right track. Thanks Carl and the entire aboc sprint squad for taking me in, showing me the ropes. Ergo sessions will never be the same.

Image copyright @Ell On Wheels

While goals and targets now have a little more direction, a couple of issues have risen with uncertainty. But what’s life without the occasional unexpected speed bumps. At the end of the day, overcoming the odds only makes life more meaningful.

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