Southeast Asian Track GP

It’s been a rough few days. 8 days to be exact. I always look forward to track time but I never seem to be able to come out with a positive experience. Being left behind by the bunch, again, is a crappy feeling especially when I still not able to put everything I have in the tank out on the bike.
Thanks to the couple of trained sets of eyes who have helped zoomed in on what is holding me back.
Apart from the weather, the proceedings went well. The SEA GPs are great for us as we don’t have a track. Being able to race the likes of the french, malaysians, aussies (in last year’s edition), doesn’t come often if you’re not world-class. You’ll definitely learn plenty, IF you can at least hold onto their wheel, which I can’t yet. So it hasn’t really done me any good.
An intervention is absolutely necessary. It’s in the works.

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