Back on the road. On the track

Things haven’t been all smooth sailing and that’s a little of an understatement. Hitting crossroads and massive speed bumps all at one go, sure put some doubts in my head.

3 months since I last raced (and spend time on the track), it’s given me plenty of time to reflect, physically and emotionally. I’ve always had belief in myself. Strong belief. But it’s starting to waver, and fast. I spent my previous years as a rower, surrounded by the people who believed in me, who set my mind straight and were responsible for grooming me into the athlete I am today. Almost 2 years of struggle as a cyclist, it’s clear that without the support structure, everything is starting to crumble.

Time isn’t on my side. There’s only so much more I can hold on to. It’s good to finally be able to get at on my feet again and it’s thanks to a couple of people who are showing belief in me. The next few months will be crucial as I make some important decisions that, in my opinion, will either make or break.

The next 8 days at the Southeast Asian Grand Prix will be a good start to turn things around.

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