Soldier on!

Nothing exciting to report about my time at the Asian championships in New Delhi. Didn’t manage to make semis. Though it was a short campaign, experience gained was invaluable. What I focused most on were all the processes involved. From pre-race warmups, making the start line and what I wanted to do in the race. Other than getting faster, there are certainly still plenty of things to work on as I was without a doubt hit by nerves at the start line during my heat.


I could not have prepared any better considering the circumstances. Moving forward,the challenges remain the same: lack of funds to travel overseas for races. There are a few exciting prospects lined up with an opportunity to spend two weeks at the Continental Cycling Centre in Shuzenji being on top of the list. With the chance to get supervised, structured coaching in the fundamentals of track riding, this is something that would give me a clear and accurate perspective on what I should be focusing on.
The Malaysian NSC Track Series 2013, organized by the Malaysian National Cycling Federation is just around the corner in April. With series 1 and 2 just a day apart, it is an excellent opportunity to attend two races in a span of a week. We are waiting for details to be finalized and race expenses will determine if I will attend both series, or load up on events in just one series.

Huge thank you to all my sponsors, Rudy Project, Maximuscle and Maixfuel, Compressport, G8 Performance, Athlete Lab, The Sufferfest and Wilier Triestina for all the amazing support, and to those who contributed to my first fund raising project, Thank You! I would not have made the start line in New Delhi if it wasn’t for every single one of you. ‘Dare to Dream’ tees are still available if you would like to show our support. Each are going at $30 SGD and it will go a long way towards my race expenses. You can get them from The Runner’s Gait as well.



Some might have read about the major new initiative to Singapore sports that has been recently launched. You can read about it here.

Click to access Factsheet%20-%20High%20Performance%20System%20(15%20Mar).pdf

It’s a sliver lining and it would be a major boost in support when it starts to takes shape. I’m not jumping out of my seat as yet because it hasn’t filtered down to the athletes yet, or at least at my level. I’m all about the details. I’ve matured, grown and developed as an athlete not because of the system, but because I fight for what I believe in.

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