Preparations go on. Not long now

Back home in Singapore for the last 3 and half weeks of preparations for the Asian Championships. Certainly not the most ideal place for final preparations, but it’s good to reconnect and connect with all the other riders in the squad. I’m the new kid on the block, so it was  really important for me that hold my own against everyone else, who has been riding for a much much longer time. Turnout for the group training sessions were really positive. Can’t say the same for the drivers and the traffic but we do our part to keep it safe which is really great.

Putting what I’ve learn and accomplished in Perth, I felt I did well during the sessions. Could do with a little more practice on getting really close to a wheel, but everything else was working really well. Still keeping it safe on these group rides, but I’ll have to step it up and work right into those gaps on the track. Can’t wait to get back on.

We had our jersey presentation last weekend at Tampine Changkat CC. Nothing too fancy, simple and appreciative. Great to see family sponsors and supporters attending as well. This could grow into something of a formality in years to come.



Photo courtesy of Harith Rahim

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