back in the grind

So I was informed at the 11th hour, literally, that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Malaysian NSC track series was postponed. No racing opportunities there unfortunately. However, good news came in the form of acceptance to a 2-week training camp at the Continental Cycling Center Shuzenji in Japan. That was definitely more exciting as I am really looking forward to getting my track skills up to speed with, in my opinion, the people who are technically the best in the business. No one rides track more beautifully than the Japanese (Apart from the British of course). The itinerary and training schedule certainly looks like something I will benefit a lot from. Which is why these couple months i’m focusing a lot on getting really fit and strong in all aspects for the camp. Anaerobic intervals, sprint intervals, aerobic intervals, weights, road ks, everything in at the moment.
I’m in the process of getting some great new stuff from The Runner’s Gait (here if you don’t have fb) and The Sufferfest, to sort out the logistics for the trip.

You get the hang of managing work around training hours with practice. Time managment and prioritizing are key. Plenty of coffee certainly helps.

Just another day in the office with The Sufferfest.

When work is done, it’s my turn.


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