Thank you everyone!!

It’s been an amazing journey thus far and the support has been tremendous. I have been informed that I’m out of the rowing system. No more random urine tests, for now. I’ll be working towards getting back in, this time as a trackie because there isn’t any transition program. It’s like having a clean slate, but I have experience to take me through the entire process again. I was working things out on my own outside the national system for almost a year and half with rowing. Bear in mind, rowing was literally unknown to the everyone back then. Even now I still have people sounding surprised when I tell them that there is rowing in Singapore. Now, I know how to do things more effectively, I know who to go to for help.

I’ll have to thank D.Plews for getting me on the bike back in the day and D.Loy for the help in assimilating into the community. Cycling might not be getting the big bucks through the national system, but there are loads of committed, dedicated and tough riders in the country. The public unfortunately doesn’t see or hear of them, yet. But it’s a matter of time before championS are produced.

Regardless of the everyone else’s familiarity with rowing, I treat myself as a rookie.The amazing difference I feel is having so many more people I could connect with through cycling. That itself is making a huge impact on getting support with what I hope to achieve in the next 3-4 years. Thanks everyone for coming down to the pilot fund raising event at The Muffinry.

Photo courtesy of The Muffinry.

A great big thank you as well to everyone who has pledged their support. I’ll be looking at other ways in which people can get involved or simply spread the message to encourage people to go out there and achieve. If you fall, like I did, pick yourself up, take two tablespoons of cement and go out there and hit it even harder!

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