I would like to give special thanks to those who have made contributions and believe in what I am out to achieve. It truly means a lot to me. In the environment which I am in, support of any kind is a gem and I would not have been able to take that important first step without the contribution, help and support from everyone.

Through the online fund raising website and the event held at The Muffinry, I have managed to sort out basic equipment, a week’s training in Bangkok followed by a race in Korat over the weekend, as well as to Perth, where I will tackle their Summer track season sometime in November. More details coming up. Once again, special thanks to all who have contributed.

Lee F.C Singapore
Mr & Mrs Steven Lim Singapore
Loke H.T Singapore
Carol Yeo Singapore
Siew Sun Singapore
James Lawther UK
A.Chen Singapore
Tommy, Molly, Moses Singapore
Pansy Lim Singapore
Gayathri & Karthil Singapore
Simon Woods UK
Jason Baran UK
Weng Leong Singapore
Roz UK
Pete UK
Karen Singapore
Bhavish Singapore
Justin Chua Singapore
Cormac Ireland
Maybelle Singapore
Steve Culligan Australia
Athlete’s Circle Singapore
David Lee Australia
Jennifer Lee Australia
Daniel Loy Singapore
Louis Yiau Malaysia
The Wibberleys Australia
Murray Hall Australia
Three have chosen to remain anonymous.
Sponsors: Maximuscle, Rudy Project, Compressport, G8 Performance, Wilier bikes, The Sufferfest

Close family and friends suggested I should go about getting t-shirts made, to continue to reach out, get support and share my journey with others, which I agreed was a great idea. The design originated from a photo by Tony Lendrum Photography. Check out his work. It’s really amazing. The design is courtesy of a friend, Jason Lek.

It comes in either black or grey color and in sizes Small, Medium or Large. Each are going at $30. If you would like to get one, feel free to drop me an email. Money raised will continue to go into getting more time on the track and sorting out better equipment. I apologise for having limited sizes. But if you who would like to get something smaller or bigger, please let me know as well. I’ll see if I can work something out. Thank you so much everyone!

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