Two Dare To Dream

So it’s set!

The Muffinry and Athlete’s Circle are proud to bring to you Two Dare to Dream, an evening where I hope to bring everyone together, in support of myself and team mate Alan’s pursuit of sporting excellence. You are warmly invited to be part of what will be a fun-filled evening. I’ve been really fortunate to have met people who truly and sincerely supported me all this time and it really means a lot to me if you would be there.

It’ll be happening on 29th September, Saturday 7pm at The Muffinry, which is located at 112 Telok Ayer Street. Tickets are going at $30. It includes a generous amount of bite-sized savoury food and a chance to win a lucky draw prize. Drinks will be available at bar prices.This is a wonderful opportunity to share my story and spread the word about my continued pursuit of sporting excellence. Apart from that, we will be holding an auction to give people a chance to flaunt their artistic talents. You be the artist, we’ll be the canvas! If I didn’t already shave my legs (like all proper cyclists should do), I would have gladly volunteered to be waxed. So we thought, since we can’t let you rip our hair off, let’s put stuff on then! So get creative!

If you would like to get a ticket, let me know and I will put your name down. Or if you swing by The Muffinry for a coffee, ask for a specially designed, cycling cookie! You can put your name down with them as well.

I also have a link to a fund raising webpage if you can’t make it and/or would like to pledge an amount to help get me to the Asian Cycling Championships 2013. It will be crunch time as SEA Games 2013 and Asian Games 2014 qualification is at stake.

Please help to spread the word. It will really mean a lot. You can’t fault the local born and breed athlete for not trying, because I’m giving it my all. I always have.

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