Finally getting somewhere

It’s was a frustrating past couple weeks. The workload on the erg remained high, but work in the boat was at a plateau. Seemed a little like I was dropping back. The technical pointers weren’t going in and the harder I tried, the worst it seemed to become. Nothing going on in terms of boat speed. But things got better at the beginning of the week. It was like I flipped a switch and things started to fall in place. I managed to make some significant changes in body posture especially and I’m starting to work with what I have. I’m not the tallest of scullers, and one of my biggest mistake was that I’ve always tried to scull like a 6feet9 blokes, which ain’t going to happen. It’s having the confidence and trust to work with what I have that will get me maximum boat speed. Of course there is that aerobic base which I still have much to work on. It’s just no where near where it should be. It has certainly gained massive ground and I’ve just got to keep building at it.

So far it has been my best week in the boat and it’s going upwards from here. Looking forward to our in-house 4km time trial to gauge my progress,  followed by the VSA sprints which will add some variety and fun to the training over the weekend. Got to enjoy what you are doing

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