Make the change

The past 2 months have been about learning what makes the boat go fast, getting rid of habits that are boat speed killers. Depending on the extent of how much the habit has been ingrained in you, it determines how big a change is necessary. We all want to slip back into what we are most comfortable in. But if I’m not making a positive change, I’m not going to make the boat go any faster. The first few weeks were probably the hardest to get by. Change in body movement and sequence, drop in boat speed, muscle soreness in new places and the frustration of having to deal with something that I’m not used to at all. But I have 150% trust in Sandy and Al. They know what they are doing and they know what they are talking about. It was up to me to make the change. It always feels drastic, exaggerating and awkward. But it’s about forcing myself to stick with it.

Today was no different. In fact, I felt I made my most exaggerating change. Had to make an additional body movement, hands were all over the place. But the boat was actually moving much faster. The challenge for me now is to stick with it.

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