counting down the days

It’s my last weekend in Melbourne and some of the guys are coming over to chill, watch some racing and head out afters. Some have commented that it doesn’t feel like I’ve been here long. I somehow think otherwise. Doesn’t seem long when I count back the weeks, but it has certainly felt a long time.

I felt I did rather well on this morning’s time trial. Missed lightweight by 0.1kg so my prognostics were for a heavy single. Not exactly a bad thing considering I have been told i’m racing the heavy single and lightie double at the SEA Games. Yes, i’m confused as well. It’s not a common double-up combination. I’ll just double check that when I get back. But that’s how it works: Do as you are told.

It’s going to be a good few days in the boat before getting on the plane, just packing as much volume as I can.

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