Day 2

It’s day 2 of my 7-day taper going into the SEA championships. Not a bad start. Everything going as planned. short and sharp erg session later this arvo. I’ll be keeping an eye on the weights training as it has been the one that has been causing some irregularities in my recovery throughout the past 6 weeks. I’m confident if I stick closely to the fundamentals of tapering, I can get this right.

With the power of Google, I have managed to pull out next week’s racing schedule. Though not fixed until Sunday’s team managers meeting, it gives me a good insight on what to expect. Apparently none of the other guys competing were given the schedule either. Maybe because I have always been on my own when I race overseas, but  I much prefer to know the race schedule to plan everything from training to logistics. We’re hosting the regattas and I’m not feeling much of an advantage. Weird.

Elsewhere in Lake Karapiro, there was the epic battle of the m2x where the Kiwi crew came up tops. It was a real honor to have met Scotty last October. Him praising me for my work ethic in the gym was exceptionally motivating as well. I’m confident he and Crawshay will getting some super fast boat speed in the coming months.

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