what a nice gesture

Right, so I was recently threatened that I would be excluded from the Southeast Asian Championships and Asia Cup regatta, if I didn’t send in my training schedule. By the way, both regattas are held in Singapore. Reasons given to me was because I’m a carded athlete, I’m under the selection policy, must comply with the designated planning and quote “MUST be training under Coach ___ or myself”.

Although I do not need to justify myself, I felt the email was extremely uncalled for. Is it really necessary to start naming policy regulations? If you ask me, the odds are against you. It is really necessary that there has to be a display of power? In my opinion, it’s an act by insecure individuals.

Yes, the athlete is the lowest among the food chain. I get it. We get pushed around, have no say in anything. We just put ourselves on the line every single day. What do the rest do? Go figure. We just have to be the bigger man and/or woman. That’s what keeps us going. That’s what keeps us focused. That’s what makes us special.

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