The week ahead

It’s coming up to another week of erg battery tests. The past week has been pretty solid despite the erratic weather patterns. Singapore is too tropical to even try to predict weather patterns. I’ve learn that you just have to be ready to switch it up whenever and I think it helps a great deal if that there’s a huge element of cross training to supplement the rowing. Firstly, I’m always prepared if I need to hop onto the bike for some HIIT, or an LSD run, if necessary. Secondly, it ramps up aerobic hours. I believe we can never have enough of aerobic training because it’s simply a fundamental aspect. I’ve had a coach bitch and complain about how a storm comes out of no where all the time and runs out of ideas of what to for training. Needless to say he didn’t last very long. Too comfortable and has never been in a changing environment and clearly refused to adapt to change.

It was my first time doing some Faber reps and I was pleasantly surprised at the end of it, that it wasn’t as intimidating as I had initially expected. It’s great for doing intervals or over-gearing, but doesn’t really work out to be any good if you’re thinking of doing some climbing.

Today was a start of a series of time trials I will be putting together in the build up for this year. I need more racing, and if I’m going to be stuck here, I have to do something about it. Not the best of starts. Didn’t quite reach max HR as quickly as I needed to. Race strategy went well and as planned. Need to sort out some videos the next time to analyze the technique work as that’s really my main concern. Consistency was what I was looking for down the course, and I felt I had that, which I’m pleased about. I will gradually be able to take the intensity up as I keep working on the high intensity training pieces.

Let’s see what happens next week as I tackle the battery tests again.

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