It’s been a hell of a ride

Last week was pretty solid on the training front. The past 2 weeks has been a roller coaster ride. At the end of the day, the pursuit for sports excellence is what identifies me. I had to dig really deep this time round to regain my bearings as I didn’t expect myself to fall into a slump which I nearly could not get out of. The struggles of having to battle it out alone all these years came together and it didn’t occur to me how tough it has been until it caught me off guard.

I couldn’t let the people who believe in me down. My famliy, Gay, AB, Lizzi, Al, Dan, An. But this time, what really helped me get back into the game, is that I follow Drew Ginn’s blog. I was fortunate enough to meet the man himself briefly and the feeling was extraordinary. His struggles, the ups and downs, reading about his ideas on rowing and life, made me realize that  knowing who I really am and the love for sports can overcome all obstacles. Things will never always go as plan. But it is up to me to focus on what matters the most.

Looking forward to another ergo battery test and the 7x4min step test the week after. In the meantime, there’s been some serious mileage happening. The last thing I want to do is become a deluded athlete. And there are plenty around

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