the show must go on

I’ve yet to hear any good news on the academics, and I have made just little progress in looking for a corporate. In the middle of everything, I owe it to myself and my coaches, to keep the momentum going. One high intensity erg session on tuesday and another one on the bike yesterday, made me miss being in the boat. There’s nothing quite like it. An unparalleled alternative.

It all goes back to taking control of what I have control over. With so much distraction going on around us, we sometimes forget what we set out to do. If you are fortunate to have someone there to smack you on the back of the head when you start to look around, appreciate it. My sometimes see-saw nature of the pace of my progress is partly due to sometimes losing sight of my goals. Precious time wasted before I realize it myself and more precious time wasted to get back on track. I should be glad that I have usually managed to stick my head back into the game.

For now, it’s going to be back to the usual grind. Worlds is coming up in August. Still have not been given the green light, but I have to prepare for it to the best of my ability. If I don’t give myself the fighting chance, how can I expect others to put their faith in me.

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