There or there abouts

It’s more or less done with the erg battery tests. Turned out to be one hell of a hard 6k, and only an average 2k. Same lactates for both the 6k and 2k indicates lots more mileage and aerobic work to be done. The end of the 6k on monday took alot out of me, and it showed when my left lower back tightened up real bad after 1 bad rep of the power clean. Bummer. Rolling out of bed the next morning wasn’t pleasant. Put me out of action on Tuesday, but I managed to come together today to finish up the 2000m piece. Plenty of trigger ball work and some yoko yoko. A lot more to learn on how to perform on a 2k.

Committed to seriously ramping up the mileage but the weather gods seem to be acting against it. Afternoon storms nearly everyday single day this week meant I haven’t hit the waters this week, yet. 60min bike work this afternoon. Going to have to be more versatile with my program.

Rowing time trial and Cycling VO2 happening at the same time. It’s been a while since the lab has seen some action. Thanks Lem for the snapshot.

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