Renewed energy

It’s been a rough few week and it felt like forever. There’s just been too many thoughts going through my mind. Lot of concerns and what ifs. It’s hard not having much training support. It’s even harder not having the psychological and emotional support to help deal with the pressures of elite sport. I’m probably one of the fortunate few who have to live with both situations. I suppose all this will make me come out stronger. It’s really a booster to know that there are people out there who actually cares about what athletes actually have to go through. It’s this sense of mutual respect and understand that draws us together.

I’m now alive and kicking, back in action. I’ve done it on my own before, and if I have to, I’m going to go at it on my own again. No amount of nonsense or negative energy from old and deluded individuals is going to mess with my head any more. It’s time I put everything I’ve learn to good use and prove those pundits wrong

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