Do you enjoy what you are doing?

What gets me going at 5:30 in the morning and to do what I do every single day. It must be something really special. People have asked if I enjoy what I do. I absolutely love what I do, but just not here. There are more skeptical, materialistic, insincere, bull-shating, can’t-be-bothered, back-stabbing, empty-shelled individuals here that can really kill a dream. It’s unfortunate that they are just everywhere in the fraternity. But I’m blessed to have met people outside, who truly have a place in my heart and have made a difference in my so far not-so-successful life, that’s keeping me going, by the thread.

I’m fighting this battle alone and no one here has the faintest idea what sort of political crap I have had to endure from all angles. There’s really no emotional support or understanding what so ever. Absolutely zip, zero. There’s no one else that’s going through alongside me. Just a bunch of deluded individuals whose past-time is paying lip service. Just what I need. It’s disappointing and demoralizing that there isn’t anyone who is like-minded and genuine in the community.

So unfortunately, no, I don’t enjoy what I am doing, here. I might just have to cross-over.

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  1. Chris

    Hey man – pretty depressing post. Drop me a line.



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