Brand new week

Things are looking up after a stressful week. A much needed Skype consultation with John to sort out the issues that have had a negative impact the past week, as well as some work on performance related issues. Psychology plays a major role in elite sport. I used to believe that psych really only comes into play when I’m at the start line of the finals. It’s starting to become clearer to me how the the mind has an effect on me as I work on the physiologically and technical aspects of rowing. Some work for me now on how to manage the relationship between thoughts, emotions and actual behavior, i.e performance.

Great outings on the water the past couple of days. Weather’s turning out to be much nicer compared to the past few months of erratic thunderstorms. Started off yesterday with a couple of 4km pieces at rate 24, focusing on latching on at the catch, and maintaining splits throughout. Today’s steady state work was really nice as well. I actually felt from cool to cold riding to the shed this morning while I was on a downhill section. The last time it was it cooling in the morning was actually at the beginning of the year, in January and February. Climate has certain shifted away from the norms. Nice flow of strokes throughout the session, kept my HRs to within the zone, and I stuck within my target split times. Pretty good indeed.

Weights training had to be shifted to Tuesday and Thursday this week, because the gym is closed this Friday, which is  Public Holiday. I’ve yet to figure out the rationale behind stopping athletes from training on Public Holidays, or having to rearrange training schedules because of it. There is really no such thing as weekends or Public Holidays for me. It’s just another day out in the ‘office’.

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