Kicking goals

This week has been all about sticking to the plan, with a clear idea what the objective of each session on the bike and in the weights room is for. The toughest part is execution. Discipline is always a matter of choice. For me, the challenges of not having a coach dishing out the workouts is the toughest obstacle to tackle. “Am I doing the appropriate session? What is the session for? Should I be doing something else instead? Is this going to benefit me?” These may sound like easy questions. If they were, there would be a lot more self-coached World/Olympic champions.

I find it really helps by zooming in on what is the most important thing I need to work on. What is limiting me in getting my maximum speed up: leg speed. With that in mind, certain aspects have to take a back seat for the moment. For the uninitiated, cycling is simple. Competitive cycling on the other hand can be a little more complicated.


Avoid collecting empty miles. Have an objective the next time you hop on the bike, if you haven’t been setting yourself one. It also helps keep your mind in check, if in case there isn’t a scenery like this one.


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