Exciting items lined up

Sincere apologies for the extensive lack of updates. I was looking forward to some amazing sporting action the Games and pulling together updates around the world which might not have been reported at home, for the benefit of everyone. But I spent most of the entire period serving the nation back in military service. There were many outstanding performances to cheer about and doping cheats to jeer. But in all, i guess most would agree London 2012 was a huge success.
Military service was a great time to catch up with old friends and have a good laugh considering I missed my last two in-camps because of the Asian Games and SEA Games. So all was not lost.

As we move closer to the end of the year, things continue to shape up nicely. Extremely delighted to have Alan on board to tackle the track as well. He has been of great help and support to my cycling ever since I started visiting Athlete’s Circle when I was rowing. Or should I say when I first put my bike together at the now de-funct Passione. All round funny guy, hard arse bike rider. Besides what everyone can find on the internet, I’ve learn heaps from himself and LingEr while hanging out at Athlete’s Circle. Exciting times ahead for sure.

I recently dropped by The Runner’s Gait to catch up with the guys responsible for Compressport in Singapore. The new Pro Triathlon range is out and now available in Singapore!!


There will be an exciting event coming up at the end of September as well. Our friends from The Muffinry are organising a fund raiser for myself and Alan as we work towards the Asia Track Clubs race and ultimately targeting the Asian Championships in March 2013. Can’t thank them enough for the generous support and believing in what we do. They are working on the details of the event so more will be revealed soon. In the meantime, I hope to have your support and be part of this amazing sporting journey, in one way or the other. Any amount will be greatly appreciated and will certainly go a long way. Thanks everyone!


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