Lessons learn, rookie mistakes are behind me, done and dusted

It’s been a great 2 weeks in Perth, where I began my crash course as a track cyclist. Track Cycling WA are just an amazing and passionate bunch of people, who were kind enough to host me. I was certainly a cause for worry on my first week. Plenty of stories of riders causing massive pile ups, I really didn’t want to go in the record books for that. I don’t mind falling, I know it’s part of learning, I just don’t wish to take someone innocent down with me.

The learning curve was steep for sure. And i appreciate all the experience riders for putting up with my noob riding skills. Being thrown into a pool of sharks might not be the best for learning. But it’s something that I’m quite used to, having learn the same way in rowing. I did have my first fall after a week of riding on the track, sitting behind someone who was going a tad too slow. She slipped off the bank, I went up to avoid running over her, but didn’t accelerate, that means going at the same speed, which is obviously too slow, and I slipped off, from a higher up the bank. Not pleased at all. Didn’t seem too serious, but after another week and now that I’m back, the scar has somehow become a swollen shin. Really have no idea how that happen.

Apart from the mishaps, I really enjoyed the riding. You can only truly appreciate track cycling if you’ve ridden on it before. The speed and the forces of gravity is an amazing experience. Plenty of adrenaline going around for the junkies.

I’ll be looking forward to what plans we have next. It’s clear what are the specific things I need to work on before we next hit the tracks. It’ll certainly be upwards from here. Really, there’s no where else to go

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  1. Yunxi

    Keep on moving bro! Never stay still.


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