Putting things in place

Things are coming along slowly but nicely. My 10s and 30s wingate anaerobic tests in the lab went well. Significant rise in peak power output, which is encouraging. Numbers dipped slightly on both step and VO2 max, which is expected considering a major shift to anaerobic sprint training since January. It’s been reported that pure track sprinters have very very little aerobic element to their training. For a start, it’s probably better for me to still have a tad of aerobic capability, until we see what I can put out on the track. Weights sessions with Louis will continue to focus of maximal strength and power, with primary focus on super fast execution and explosiveness.

The RunBikeSwim expo 2012 just 2 weekend saw quite good response from the public. Organised in conjunction with the Sundown Marathon race pack collection, it was a chance for consumers to get their hands on rock bottom price deals to stock up on sports stuff for the rest of the year. Huge thanks to Athlete’s Circle (their facebook page) for letting me assist them at the event. I took time to try out a pair of ON shoes and was impressed on the feel on my feet. Drop by Athlete’s Circle to try them on for yourselves!

The expo was also a great chance to meet and chat with like-minded people, who experiences and understands the challenges Singapore athletes face to rise up the ranks of elite in the international stage. I had a great chat with the guys from Runner’s Gait (facebook page) the same guys responsible for Compressport in Singapore. I swung by the shop during the week to get myself measured up for the ForQuad.

Fitted myself with the ForQuad at Runner’s Gait!

I’ve been having it a go for recovery and i’m looking forward to putting it on for Monday’s weights session.

Next week will be exciting as I hope to secure additional support to compete at the Perth Winter Track Cycling Grand Prix. Exciting times!

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