the new year

Hope that everyone is having a good start to a brand new year, getting started at all those resolutions and things we want to achieve. I personally had hoped that I would have either some good news or bad news to think about, but since the last month of 2011, it’s been relatively status quo. The worst situation for an athlete is to not having that identity. A good example would be one who has unfortunately picked up an injury in the midst of the season. Not being able to do what he/she does best in the field, managing all that uncertainty is always a huge challenge. The support structure now plays a huge role in whether he/she will get to recover in time for that big game, is he/she still on track to meeting his/her targets? Is it the end of the line? Maybe a cross-over? What are the options that are available? But without the necessary support, guidance and assurance, will those options will just become more problems.

A few whom I have spoke with have not been able to provide me with the guidance and answers I desperately need. Not to mention those who have refused to avoid my questions. Because the support structure in Singapore sports in clearly filled with gaps, and plenty of them, there is no one channel which an athlete can go through to get the answers. I’ve always said that everywhere I train, there is always something to learn. Simply because I have had to do everything on my own. But even in a situation like this, I have had to approach various people, all of whom can’t provide any form of structured pathway because all are separate working entities. I have probably chose to do sport in the wrong country.

But one thing is for sure, I’m almost back to full form. Plenty of hours and kms on the bike plus a couple of run sessions each week. I’ll be waiting to see who rocks up for national rowing selections. As some of you may know, I’m currently not allowed to use any boats in the sheds. But one thing they can’t take away from me, my discipline and determination. Just two of the things that help make me the athlete none of their spoon-fed babies will ever be able to match up to.

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