SEA Games: Day -1

It’s been a good few days in Jakarta. No games village here so it’s just a hotel. I suppose it’s a good thing, considering all the reports about the not-so-ideal living conditions at the games village. It’s probably a good idea to have better hygiene over the tangible perks of a games village: each room is only entitled to 4 pieces of laundry a day. The hotel cafe, being a hotel cafe isn’t open 24/7. Other than that, it’s been excellent service and hospitality from the hotel staff.

The rowing venue is about an hour and a half away, depending on traffic. Leaving the hotel early helps avoid what I must say is pretty horrendous traffic. The canoe and kayak races are still going on and getting practice in before races start can be tricky if the bus is delayed, which was what happened today. First couple of days went smoothly. Got some nice rows in, familiarising myself with landmarks and water conditions. The focus is really to nail all those crucial technical pointers. The rest of the crew arrived last night, so this morning was their first visit to the race site. It was a short and sharp paddle in the doubles and was done for the day.

Tomorrow will be about putting full faith and trust into everything that I have worked on. Getting that length off the back and keeping it there! nothing more! It will be about trusting  myself all the way down the course. It will be about breaking new boundaries. I’m ready and eager to go!

Congrats to the Singapore kayak team on the ongoing medal haul! 1 silver, 2 bronzes on their first day. 1 GOLD, 2 silvers on their second day. Keep ’em coming guys!! Whoooop!

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