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It’s been a while since the Asia Cup in June. Training continues to be very solid. The boat is moving a lot faster than it was prior to the regatta. There’s still a lot more to come, I’m sure of it.

There’s never really enough aerobic work one can do. Running has now been added to the training regime. Not exactly jumping for joy, or neither is it a hot favorite. But if it’s going to contribute to performance, I’m gonna do it. Invested in a proper pair of shoes over the weekend, to make sure those knees and ankles are kept in tip top form for rowing.

Will be getting my speedcoach pretty soon. Really wonder how i survived without one for so long.

Still have couple of other matters to settle: Meet up with sponsors, collect SiS nutrition supplies from 2xsfbsports.com. They’ve all been really great and supportive. Glad that I have them on board. I’ll have a little more time for all these next week, when I take extended leave from work, to prepare for AG. It’s full steam ahead

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