27 March 2010

It’s been a good week. Definitely put in some quality mileage during the coaching clinic. It makes so much of a difference having someone to help correct your form and posture. Last thing I want is to slip into inefficient habits. Managed to do some videoing as well, which for me is long overdue. Taking some time now to compare it with my past video recordings and see if there has been any positive changes. Thanks Andreas, FISA development consultant for all the advice.

I’m certainly getting better at managing more activities outside of training and work. I’m helping to coordinate with Pontoon Sports to make new rowing suits for the team. It’s also nice to support the numerous sporting events happening almost every weekend, as well as lend Science In Sports (SiS) a hand. Proper nutrition certainly plays a huge role in performance. So do not neglect it. SiS has the highest quality and widest range of products to suit your every need. Check them out! If you need any help with understanding your needs and what will suit you best, feel free to contact me.

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