Coaching clinic

There’s a 5 and 1/2 day coaching clinic, conducted by a devel0pment consultant at FISA, happening at the rowing center.  Started last Friday afternoon, and runs till Wednesday.

From the athlete’s perspective, it’s more like a week long of rowing sessions with proper coaching. it’ been a while since I’ve had that, which gave a chance for those ol’ habits to slip back in. And so they did. We had our 4th session this morning, and I’m back on track. Wonder how long I have been mucking around.  Anyway, that’s not important. Focus on doing the right thing from now on, and working out a system to make sure that I can check myself more regularly. Lookiig forward to seeing the video they took this morning. It’ll be interesting to do a comparison.

So far, It’s been stinking hot today , after 2 long days of rain. I’m looking forward to the next few sessions in the water, so I’m hoping for some nice weather. Taking time out from work to make the most out of the coaching clinic. Depending on the time, I might ride down to the sports institute to do some ice baths. We’ll see

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