it’s about time

I’ll be departing for the Southeast Asian Rowing Championships tomorrow morning. About done with packing. I’m just left with sorting out my SiS REGO and GO Electrolytes, which I will need for the 4 days i’ll be there. Not forgetting some GO Bars. Thanks Rudy Project for the new pair of Mastermind as well!

Flight is schedule to be at 1330 hrs, but I’ll be rotting at the airport from 10am. Once again huge thanks to Daniel Loy and Dan for the helping me out!

It’s times like these that gets you wondering. Firstly I have to skip a morning training session because I have to settle the logistics, and secondly, 2 additional hours of waiting at the airport isn’t what I would call proper resting or anything beneficial for that matter.

In any case, I’ll probably whip out my trigger ball and start doing some releases. Share your ideas on what else I can do. Was actually thinking of hanging out at T3 first. But lugging around 3m long oars isn’t very convenient is it.

Give me a buzz if you happen to be in T1. If you wanna come greet me at the airport when I return on 19 October, my ETA is 1510 at T1.


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