Quite a bit has gone on the past few days. Experienced some severe muscle soreness from endurance weights session on wednesday. I’ll need about a week to get used to that. For now, it’s just 2 tablespoons of cement. Weather wasn’t too nice over the weekend. Lightning and thunder on saturday morning forced me onto the erg for 6 x 500m. Time trial on sunday morning in particularly windy and choppy conditions. But it’s all good. I’m done with the paint job on my blades. Not exactly graffiti art worthy though. A good spray paint job is alot harder than it seems.

Daniel Loy has kindly offered to lend me his van to transport the oars, and Dan has agreed to drive me to the airport. Lifesavers! Really appreciate their help. It’s really nice to have friends in sport who truely supports the athletes. That’s why I’m a fan of the cycling team! Check out passi:one if you’re planning to get a bike or get stuff for your bike.

That’s all for now

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