OCBC Singapore National Road Championships 2019 – Team Time Trial

Last weekend kicked off this year’s Road Nationals with the TTT. Plenty of buzz leading up to it, with heaps of fancy TT bikes getting serviced and riders getting TT-fitted on social media.

It’s a discipline about numbers. How much power can you put out against the drag against you. You can pretty much buy the least amount of drag you’re up against with the best bike fit and the best equipment suited for you. What amount of power you can put out, well, money can’t buy much of that. But if you’re handicapped in one aspect, you can only hope others aren’t as strong or as aero as you.

The cyclingtraining.cc boys lined up in the quad to lend our support for local racing. I’ve never had a proper go at time trialling, even though rowing was a lane racing sport. But that was a long time ago. The few subpar IPs i’ve done on the track should not be mentioned as well. But it’s a good 40+ min effort, so I put my hand up.

Photo credit: Kelvin Liew Fu Lin

Coming out of it, it’s clear I need more work on my position on the bike. I would love to get a professionally/scientifically done $500+ bike fit, which everyone seems to be getting but my athletic goals don’t justify that. I remember clearly when I just started to have a good go on the track, that I thought a bike fit would do me some good. A couple of experienced local riders snuffed and suggested I should just ride more first. The culture has gone a long way.

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