G8 Pro Series 2620

The long awaited Pro Series 2620 from G8 Performance came in the mail about 3 weeks ago.



I’m going through a massive training block to put it through some serious abuse. More about the training block later.


The foot bed is lined with a nice suede-like material to give the foot good traction while in the shoe. Another improvement from the 2600 is that the dots of the removeable arches have been shifted forward.


I took this opportunity to do some fine tuning and went for a higher arch. For me, the positive difference it made was immediate: Greater comfort, little to no hot spots, the feel of connectivity with the footbed. I totally get the “no power data to back it up = not legit” approach. But when you’re no longer bothered by your shoes during 4-hour rides or motorpacing sessions, that’s certainly a step forward.


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