In search of the missing pair of track legs

Two weeks now in Perth. Can’t complain about thr weather. Yet. Definitely good time to get in those road ks.


The boards haven’t been too great unfortunately. The 501 laps TourdeSpeeddome was canned due to lack of entries but there was Round 3 of the Winter Track Series to look forward to last Friday. Training on the boards haven’t been upbeat as I’m struggling to look for the speed I had. Not promising considering the plan was to find more speed from where I left off. Needless to say, racing on Friday was far from acceptable. Throw out the back, fought to get back on. Once, twice, thrice But there’s just so many times the legs can do that.
Apart from that, having to fiddle with my setup and hunting the second-hand market for the right bits to chuck on has put me a little out of sorts. The second-hand market here can be quite a pain to deal with.


No racing pictures to go along with it cos there probably isn’t much to take when you can’t even mix it in on the action.
Brand new start to the week, let’s work towards some gainz. My Velotoze is probably going to come in handy this week. Look out for that.

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