New year Ups and Downs

Because putting a year end post is too mainstream, I decided to reflect on 2013 a week into 2014. Not exactly. 2013 did not end on a high note at all. The thought of hitting a slump at the end of the year did not seem appealing to me at all. But when it comes, it comes, and it hits you hard. So hard it knocked me down for almost an entire month. In all aspects of life, emotionally, financially, physically, mentally. The worst I have ever been. The thoughts that creep into your head start to overpower you. It starts to mind-f*** you (mind the language). You question everything that you do in life, everything you believe in, everything you have done. In short, you lose yourself.

There have been a couple of pleasant moments in 2013. Ride the wave, but never take it for a free ride. No matter how good it/they may be, I always remember all the other bad experiences that has put you down. Crappy races, dealing with dodgy characters, money woes,  just to name a few,. Yes, a few. When the bad experiences outnumber the good ones, that’s when you should re-evaluate things, and in my case, a little too late. That is also when you will only start to see who your true friends are: when you’re down. Sometimes, they are just round the corner, without you even realizing.

A turning point was when I seeked solace at Solitude of Strength (Facebook here. Website is still in the works) There’s something calming yet engaging about the place. Maybe it’s the vibe the Buffalo brings to the  place, maybe its the people. There is belief all around. Walking in at 7am in the morning, barbell on my shoulders, looking down the row of platform, I could focus once again. I found the energy I have been desperately looking for all year.

It’s the people who still believe in you when you’re down and/or not at your best who matter the most. Thank you to the CCC Shuzenji family for taking me in.


Always make time to say hi to the people who matter to you and so will the people whom you matter to.  I spent my last day in Perth riding in 40 degree weather to the Wibbs’. I never really got a chance to catch up properly at the track as Friday nights are always hectic. Ken could see the disappointment in my eyes after State champs. “Don’t worry about it Wai, keep going at it. You’ll come back again and smack it.”


Sometimes, just a few words and simple gestures can have a powerful impact. We spend so much time getting caught up in life that we miss out on them. Life is an ever-changing journey, but one thing remains, the people who were once there to help you get back up on your feet, are the friends you can always count on.

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