Road nationals and thereafter

Some recent happenings the past couple of weeks. The most talked about event in Singapore cycling would have to be the National Road championships. It’s where all the big roadie boys come together to flex their leg muscles, for not just bragging rights, but the right to have the red and white on their team jersey for the year. Whatever happens during bunch rides is secondary. This is where it all counts.

With outstanding performances in all their UCI Asia Tour races, the OCBC team was by far the favorite to take out the individual time trial, team time trial and road race. And so they did. JR was deservingly crowned National Champion in the ITT and the team smashed it in the TTT.

The road race would see a few challenges coming from Lapierre Asia, Mavericks and solo rider Boon riding for Melburnian team African Wildlife Safaris, but from where I was (at the back of the bunch), OCBC team was taking the race by the horn. It came down to a sprint finish, JW being crowned National Champion. I have had the pleasure to spend quite a bit of time with da man as colleagues and I’m just really happy for him.

Less than a week after my painful road race experience, 3 days to be exact, I was due for my strength test with Louis. A massive increase in protein intake along with constant stretching, foam rolling, trigger ball and all still couldn’t get me back to a 100%. I wasn’t entirely satisfied with what I lifted, but I’ve certainly improved a lot on range and speed of movement and stability so that’s still something to be happy about.


Since i’ve started on the bike, my numbers in the weights room have seen a much more obvious increase. Except for my bench press, which I’m rather pleased hasn’t gone down too much. The much longer hours and significantly more revolutions on the bike compared to strokes in the boat definitely magnifies the importance of form, stabilty and flexibilty.

I’ve been on my next phase of training for a few weeks and the addition of the program Louis has got me on now is just absoultely killing it. Its going to be a full-on build-up to ACC Track Asia Cup


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