Good start to 2013

It’s just slightly under a month left here in Perth and 2013 has been pretty good so far. Things are still looking up, as I was worried my stay might have become too routine for any significant change. Not implying at all that routine hampers improvement , but the reason I came here was to take bigger steps.

Started the new year with a Northern District Cycle Club Criterium. Turnout was really good and I like the course. My second crit to date and it was definitely a much better learning experience than my first. Photos from the amazing Tony Lendrum Photography are here. Below are some selected screenshots



It was back to the track as well and the Summer Track Series round 7. I was given the green light to move up to B grade which got me really pumped up. I knew the level of racing would be much higher and I had to be really switched on the entire time. I was targeting the 4-lap derby which I knew would be able to challenge for something. Made it through and in the finals went for it at 2 to go and was caught coming out from the last corner. I hung on for 2nd. I was an absolute wreak in the points race. Dodgy handling almost got me into trouble. I’m just glad I didn’t take anyone out.  Here are the results for some of the other races.

There will be a few more crits and track races so I’ll be aiming to tick the boxes on the goals that I have set for myself.

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  1. ian

    Good to hear you are progressing well!


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