WA State Track Cycling Championships

Training is going well and I’m definitely taking steps forward. Even though it’s not as fast as I would have hoped, but I tell myself it’s going to take time. With the steep learning curve, there are quite a few things that I need to get a hang off. The bike isn’t second nature to me yet. When I started in the boat, I was always very cautious. Not the best way to learn, considering my basics were appalling. 3 months back to basic with Sandy and I finally felt how the boat was moving. I’ll have to apply the same approach on the bike. I’ve made some major improvements with confidence but there’s plenty more to do. The technical stuff definitely comes with practice. At the same time I’ve been going out on the Parkers rides to learn to sit properly in a group. I’m alright on the straight. But when the road hits a bend or roundabout, that’s when I lose contact quickly. Really appreciative of the guys’ patience and still letting me sit in.

I was given the opportunity to race at the State championships over the weekend. Probably my first big race and with the level of the guys whom I was racing against, I wasn’t expecting much. I set myself some goals to achieve. Not times in particular, but more so the process of the race and approach to the various events. The Wibberleys have been super supportive and helpful and so is everyone at the track, knowing that I’m new and have a lot of catching up to do.

Check out photos from the amazing Tony Lendrum Photography, and Julia Kalotas Photography. Here are a few screen shots by Tony Lendrum Photography.



The event was well run by Track Cycling WA. I have never seen so many volunteers so willing and happy to be involved, not just for this 3-day event, but during Friday night racing as well. A wonderful bunch of people.

Looking forward to next couple weeks where I will start racing the crits on Sunday and track closes for Christmas. An early Christmas present came from The Sufferfest studios. Cheers for the awesome bibs and jerseys!


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