Riding Down Under

So I’m here in Perth and it’s been looking good so far. All settled in with the Wibberleys, which I am very grateful to for taking me in. Been out riding with the KHT boys, and have also done a couple of track session.

The body is starting to get used to the sudden rise in work load on the bike. Went up a couple of hills with the boys which was a first for me. By hills I mean proper hills, which there isn’t at all in Singapore. Managed to hurl my heavy bum up which I am quite pleased with. At the end of it, the high adrenaline stuff was descending. Bike handling isn’t exactly my forte yet, so I couldn’t entirely appreciate the descent. But i’ll get there. First couple sessions back on the track went pretty well as I worked on getting those fast legs and more confidence on the bike. I will have my first session with Matt where I will be able to get properly assessed. Really looking forward to that as we will then know where we are starting from.

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