Plenty of ergo sessions, packing on those weights

Things are starting to take shape. Though the issue of my exclusion from rowing has yet to be resolved, prep work for the track is gradually coming together. And you can have my word, it will be resolved. An apology for neglecting and/or overlooking, on purpose, an issue which is a major part of the organization’s mission statement, and then trying to sweep it under the rug, says a lot about true intentions.

Moving on to better things. It’s now week 8 of strength training with Louis and I definitely feel some significant gains in the weights room. I don’t claim to have tons of experience in the gym, but I have my fair share of experience with strength training programs. Everyone has a different objective going into the gym. For me it’s gaining specific power and strength to allow me to produce more force on the pedals off the blocks and continuously put power into the pedals through my pedal stroke. Understanding the speed of movement involved is key and Louis has definitely demonstrated that with the specificity of his program. We’ll see what comes out of our strength test tomorrow and a follow-up wingate from the start of the year. I have to do without a power meter for now, but going by feel, I’m confident that I’m putting out a lot more watts during ergo sessions on the turbo trainer. Definitely looking forward to the next few weeks

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