Almost there

Things have been moving forward, but certainly not without some speed bumps. I feel it’s now in a crucial phase. Clearing red tape and resistance is something I am used to tackling. But what surprises me the most is how often it comes up, in a same setting but different scenario. Passion is a word used too lightly by so many here. And it’s those same people who are the cause of the resistance. It’s a lot similar to when I first started out. But this time, I have a capable and committed team to back me up. And that can be the difference.

Pretty quiet on all fronts the past week. That’s what a viral fever does I suppose. Managed to pin point the cause of it, and it’s something new to add to my bag of lessons learnt. Asian Cycling Championships are ongoing and the mens road race is probably underway. The boys will be giving it some big ones!

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