Lunar New Year

Had my first ever lab test on the bike last Thursday. The standard step and ramp test. Decent numbers, but definitely not fantastic. We’ll probably be sorting out a wing gate some time soon. I always get nervous before a test. It’s just a constant flow of questions from as simple as: have I done enough training? Have I been doing the right training? Will I be able to meet the mark? That’s just one of the many things I love about racing. It’s just you against time. You against yourself. Even though i get butterflies, I thrive on that nervous tension. It’s also one of things that keeps me motivated. More on that another time.

Here’s a really funny video a mate was tweeting about. If you’re tired of all the free Starhub channels, check this one out.

Public holidays are always a great time for riding. Significantly less traffic, but it doesn’t necessarily means it’s safer. Plenty of familiar faces on the road which is always pleasing to see. Hope everyone’s enjoying the start to the year of the Dragon.

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